Saturday, 30 November 2013

The light shines in the darkness: John 1 light craft and activities

This is a simple but effective craft to help children think about Jesus coming as the light of the world, especially relevant for Advent when we use lights and candles a lot to think about bringing light to the dark places of the world

You will need: An A5 sheet of black paper or thin black card
 Fold the sheet into quarters.
 Cut shapes across the folds (as if making snowflakes!)
 Open the sheet out.
 Roll the sheet and secure to make a tube.  Tape up the top of the tube.  You should now have a kind of 'hat'.
Place a battery operated tea light under the 'hat'.  Let the light shine through the darkness!  This is not a terribly good photo, but the effect is lovely as the candle shines through all of the patterned slits in the black paper.
  • Use this craft to talk to children about John 1:1-5
  • Think about the 'darkness' in the world e.g. sadness, illness, poverty.  Light the candle and pray that God will break through and bring hope, just like the light is shining through the holes in the paper
  • Think about how we can be light breaking through the darkness and helping people.

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