Friday 17 January 2014

Baptism of Jesus Fuzzy Felt

I'm making a Baptism story bag for my placement church so that we can help children to relate to what is happening during the service.  It seemed a good idea to get something related to the story of Jesus' baptism in there, so I've made a fuzzy felt set to help tell the story.

I've made a few sets now, gluing the felt base to the inside of a box lid and putting the rest of the pieces inside the box.  This makes it easy to to tidy away and keep everything together!
As you can see, I've used pale blue felt for the base, two shades of blue for waves, a dove and some hearts to help to emphasise God's love.  I cut a slit in the dark blue wave layer so that the stick 'Jesus' could move easily up and down in the 'water'.  
More details of the Baptism bag to follow soon.  It's nearly finished!

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