Sunday, 19 October 2014

Floating Prayers

I was recently reminded of this prayer activity and it was great to try it out again.  I'd forgotten how peaceful and reflective an activity it could be!

This is suitable for use with all ages but certainly has a 'wow' factor that children will appreciate. What's great is that you can go as big or small scale as you want.  I've seen it done in paddling pools with larger groups but it works equally as well in a small container.

You will need: Thin paper, pens, scissors, a container filled with water.

Ask children to think of people or things they would like to bring to God and then ask them to cut out a shape from the paper. This shape could correspond to their prayer topic or, in a more guided session, each child could use the same shape and pray around the same topic.  Options could include:

Praying for others- flowers or stars, writing the name of a different person on each petal/ star arm
Love/ forgiveness/ sorry- heart shapes
Thanks- the shape of something you want to thank God for.

Fold the corners, sides or petals of the shapes into the middle (as shown in the picture collage above).

Place the bottom of the prayer shape on top of the water and watch as the petals or folded portions of the shapes gradually open out, symbolically opening out the prayer to God.  The opened shape will then float on top of the water. This will take some time to happen fully so there is plenty of opportunity to watch and reflect on the prayers!

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  1. This worked wonderfully for prayer with our group of 5 year olds. It is worth using waterproof/pemanant marker pens so the pictures/words don't wash away too quickly, and also worth testing different types of paper as some open tooo quickly, and some too slowly. Fun activity for home too - a bath tub is ideal! Thanks Mina!