Tuesday 22 August 2017

Meal time grace placemat for under 5s

This is a resource I have created while putting together my book on introducing Holy Communion to under 5s. More will follow in due course on that subject!

Anyway, this is a very simple idea prompted by a remark on this blog's Facebook page.  Thanks Nicole Hall for telling me about having placemats with prayer prompts on them so that children could join in with prayers over mealtimes!

The idea with this placemat is that you print it off and laminate it so that a child can use it on the table and it can easily be wiped clean.

The first time you use it, talk about the different pictures and what they symbolise. When you come to pray before you eat, ask your child to choose one or two of the pictures and to thank God for that thing. For example, if they choose the 'drink' picture, they might thank God for their favourite drink or for what they are going to drink at the table.  Gradually they will build up the repertoire of what they want to say thank you for!

To print off the placemat, click here.

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