Prayer Stations by Children

Here is a collection of prayer stations that have been invented by our 5-11s for themselves and others to use.
As the prayer stations are posted, the list will grow!


  1. Could you explain how prayer stations work?
    I haven't heard of them before.
    Thank you, Dawn

  2. Hi!
    We use prayer stations at the start of each Sunday session with our 5-11s. We set up about 6 of the stations around the room and when the children come in, the first 10 minutes or so are spent with them visiting whichever station they want to pray at (some visit all, some visit only one or two!) Then we spend 5 minutes sharing answered prayer and prayer requests. This means that we never run out of time for prayer and the children develop independent ideas for how they can pray. Have a look at the section on 'our sunday prayer routine' :-)

  3. Thank you so much for the wealth of ideas. I am the Director of Christian Education at my church and I'm setting up prayer stations for my children beginning this August. I am so excited about the project and motivated by your ideas, and those of your children. Thank you for helping me add this new dimension to our program!