Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fruit of the Spirit Reflective Colouring Page (Printable)

I'm in the process of putting together a set of lesson plans for 'The Fruit of the Spirit' so, to add to the collection, here's a reflective colouring page based on Galatians 5:22-23

Click here to print off the page.  Enjoy colouring!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Straw Rocket Prayers

Here's a fun way to get children to engage in thanking God and asking for blessing while also symbolically releasing their prayers into his hands.

First, get children to write and draw their prayers on a small slip of paper (about the size of an average till receipt).

Next, roll the paper tightly round a straw (the long straight part rather than the bendy part!) and secure it with sellotape.  Fold the top of the paper over and secure it with some more sellotape.  The paper will now have made a sealed pocket around the top of the straw.

Talk to children about releasing prayers to God and trusting in His love and His power.  Say a short prayer, giving your prayers to God and then blow on the free end of the straw.  Watch the prayer rocket fly as you release your prayers!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Memory Verse Window Clings

This is an activity to help children to explore the meaning of and to remember memory verses.  Plus, it's a great way of decorating!  I got my inspiration from this lovely post at Pink Stripey Socks.

You will need: Contact paper (sticky back plastic), permanent marker pens in various colours (available in the pound shop)

Give children small (A6ish) size pieces of the contact paper.  Make sure that you haven't yet removed the paper backing!  Get children to write out the memory verse on top of the plastic side, along with a picture that will help them to remember the verse.  

At home, the children can take the paper backing off and stick the contact paper onto a window or a mirror as a decorative reminder.  Don't worry, because the contact paper is easy to remove from the glass!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Multi-sensory Creation Thank Yous (Painting with Tea Bags!)

Often, when celebrating God's creation with children, we rely very much on what we can see and we neglect other senses such as smell and touch.  This is a very multi-sensory way of celebrating the things that God has made in the world around us!

You will need: A variety of tea bags, including fruit teas, which will bring a real mix of smells and colours to the mix; shallow bowls; hot and cold water; paper

Put each type of tea bag (1-3 of each depending on how many children you have) into a separate bowl and pour on some hot water to make the tea start to infuse.  After the colours start to emerge, put some cold water in and leave until the teabags are at a good temperature to squeeze and hold by hand.  It works better if most of the water has been squeezed out before painting!

Talk about the things God has made in creation and the senses He has given us.  Remind children that tea comes from a plant and is therefore part of creation!  Encourage the children to smell the different tea bags and to experiment with the different colours they make on the page.  When they are happy, get the children to use the tea bags (by dabbing them on the paper) to paint pictures of things in creation they would like to Thank God for.  

When all of the pictures are finished, gather them together and say a big 'thank you' prayer!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Moses and the Burning Bush: Bleeding Tissue Paper Flames

This is a fun way make flame pictures that gets quite messy!  This would work especially well with under 5s, but I really enjoyed it too!

You will need: Tissue paper (yellow, orange, red) cut into flame shapes; water in a spray bottle; paper

Arrange the tissue flames on a piece of paper but don't stick them down!
 Spray the flames with water from the spray bottle until they are soaked.  Now pull the tissue paper off (this is where it gets messy!) and see how the colour has bled from the tissue onto the paper.  Wait for the art work to dry
 Cut around the flames and admire the colour mixing!
Things to talk about:

  • In the story of Moses and the burning bush, God takes something ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary.  How did the tissue paper bleeding surprise you?  Did it turn out as you expected? Sometimes God does amazing, unexpected things in our lives and makes us think about things in new ways.  Has God ever done anything unexpected in your life?
  • God tells Moses to take off his shoes because he is standing on Holy ground.  What does 'Holy' mean?  Somehow God is part of a place.  His presence is there, just like you can see where the tissue paper colour has become part of the paper.  What might a Holy place look, feel, smell, and sound like?
Prayer ideas:

  • Moses knew that God was with him.  Think about times when you have felt God being near to you, or times when you wanted God to be near. Light a candle and watch the flame.  Spend some time in silence and pray that everyone will know that God is with them during the coming week.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Grace: Reflective Colouring Sheet to Print

Here is a reflective colouring sheet using the words of the Grace.  Print off here and let the children take their time colouring.  It's a great way to learn the words of the prayer while reflecting on their meaning!