Friday, 22 May 2015

Daniel in the Lions' Den: Protection Pictures

One of the key themes in the story of Daniel and the Lions' den is that of God keeping Daniel safe.  This craft helps children to explore this idea of protection.

You will need: Paper plates (it is easier to pull the masking tape off compared with paper!), masking tape, felt tip pens.

Stick masking tape onto the paper plate however you like. Here I've done it in the shape of an initial letter but it really doesn't matter.  The important thing is having some tape stuck down!

Colour over and around the tape.  Children of any age can do this so it doesn't have to be neat and tidy, though it can be if you want it to be!

Carefully pull the masking tape off to reveal the 'protected' space beneath.

Talk about:

  • How might Daniel have felt at different times in the story/
  • How would you have felt? 
  • Think about imes we feel scared and in need of protection.  Who can we ask to help? 
  • Have you ever asked God to keep you safe? What happened? (It's great if the adults share their testimonies!)

Ask the children to hold their finished pictures and to look at the space that has been protected by the tape. Pray for people they know and people in the news who might need God's protection.  If they want to pray for specific people, they could write their names or draw pictures of them in the protected space.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Exploring stories with 0-5s: Jesus feeds the 5000

We had a great time exploring this story this morning!  There was a group of children aged from 1-3 with their parents joining in as well.  We had a lot of play and popcorn too!

Here's how we explored the story...

Telling the story with props (felt bread and fish that took me about an hour to sew but can be used for so much in the future!)

Making popcorn to show how a very little, with the right help...
 ...can go a long way!
The children really loved watching the popcorn pop into the bowl and were very patient.  We then shared the popcorn out and ate it together, sitting on the floor like the people Jesus fed.

Free play with toy food, plates and utensils
playdough with plates, knives, forks and cups

Magnetic thank you prayers for the things God gives us.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

More Praying with Lego: Lego Prayer Station

If you have lots of bits of lego lying around then this prayer activity is for you!

This way of praying involves lots of colour and touch so it's great for visal and kinesthetic learners...

You will need: A lego baseboard, lego bricks, lego people, lego accessories of any and every kind!

Make a cross shape on the baseboard using some bricks to symbolise bringing your prayers to Jesus.

Use bricks to pray! Here are some ideas:

  • Use different colours to represent different types of prayer e.g. sorry, thank you, healing. 
  • Use colours to pray for different people or places
  • Use accessories to pray e.g. flowers as thanks for nature
  • build bricks on top of each other to pray for groups or families
Do this over a period of time, either in a family, on your own or as a prayer station.  See how long it takes to fill the cross with prayer!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Holy Communion Reflective Colouring: The Word of God

This is the next in the series of Holy Communion colouring sheets, to go along with the Gathering and 'We are one body.'  

This sheet shows in a symbolic way some of the stories that flow out of the Bible.  Have fun working out which stories are shown!

Click here to print out the sheet and get colouring...

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Holy Communion Reflective Colouring: The Gathering

A while back, a friend suggested that it would be good to have a reflective colouring sheet to fit different parts of the communion service.  This would help children, hopefully, to recognise parts of the liturgy and to reflect a little on what was happening.  

Always one to rise to a challenge, here is the first in the set: the gathering...

Click here  to print off the sheet and get colouring!

Things to talk about: Whay do we come together in church? 
What does it mean for the Lord to be 'with you'?
Have you ever felt that God is with you?

Pray: That God will be with us, our family and friends in the coming week.

Friday, 24 April 2015

You are the Light of the World: Oil and Paper Suncatchers

This is an activity that can be done by children of all ages and is a great illustration of Christ's light shining thorugh us.

You will need: oil in small containers (I used vegetable oil), cotton buds, paper in various shapes.  Children might like to cut the paper in the shape of their initial or of something that speaks of their own personality.

Use cotton buds to 'paint' oil onto the paper in whatever designs the children like.  Children might want to write words about themselves or words about Jesus.

When the oil is dry, blu-tack the paper shapes to the window and let the light shine through the designs!

Talk with the children about being light in the world.  We let the light of Jesus shine through us through the things we do and say, just as the light shines through the patterns we made with the oil. 

You might like to create a group design on a larger sheet of paper, where children draw or write actions or words they can use to show the light of Jesus that shines in them.  As you hang it on the window, pray that other people will come to see that light!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

John 21: Jesus on the Beach Playdough Mat

Here is a playdough mat to help explore the story of Jesus appearing on the beach in John 21.  The disciples don't realise at first who Jesus is, but the amazing number of fish he helps them to catch and the bread and fish they share on the beach are reminders of his miracles and help them to recognise him.  

On a simple level the mat will help children to remember the catch of fish, but if you want to go a little further it might help the children to think of what it feels like to recognise Jesus and be close to him.

To print ot the mat click here, laminate and get creating!