Tuesday, 17 December 2019

DIY Nativity Story Spoons (print and colour in!)

I try to buy or make a new nativity scene every year and this year I decided to have go at making some story spoons. These can either be displayed or used to retell the story and are a good size to be held by little hands!

You will need: 10 wooden spoons (you can buy some quite cheaply for crafts), a copy of the print out, colouring pens and pencils, scissors, glue or sellotape.

Print out the story spoons sheet and get children to colour in the character pictures.

Cut the pictures out and glue or tape each of them to the back of a wooden spoon. I used sellotape so that I can remove the pictures easily and make a different story.

Tell the story using the spoons as props!

Friday, 22 November 2019

Armour of God: DIY Weebles

I've been thinking about the armour of God recently and this is a fun activity that really helps to emphasize the idea of 'standing firm' in the strength that God gives. It also really takes me back to my childhood of playing with 'Weebles' (they wobble, but they don't fall down!)

You will need: permanent marker pens, plastic Easter eggs that can be opened up, blue tack, marbles, small decorative stickers.

An important attribute of the armour of God is that it helps us to stand our ground and to stand firm against the things that might try to upset us and throw us off course. These ‘weebles’ might wobble, but they will stand their ground and not fall over! 

Open up a plastic Easter egg and put a blob of blue tack on the inside, at the bottom. Wedge a marble on top of the blue tack so that it stays in place. 

Close the Easter egg and decorate it with the permanent markers and stickers to reflect your personality.

Try to knock the egg over. It will wobble, but always come back upright because of its weighted bottom. Use this as a starting point to talk about God’s power to keep us protected and stable when things are trying to knock us down.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Skittles prayer bags with printable prayers

After the success of our Prayer Space at school and the enthusiasm from the children, we thought it would be a great idea to give each child a practical prayer to take home with them. It was a great idea until I found myself sorting skittles into 120 little bags. Fortunately it's a fairly small school!

I went in to school to do a collective worship session where I demonstrated the prayer activity and then each class was given prayer bags to distribute to the children. I know from feedback on the street and on my next visits that at least some of the children did the prayer at home, so I will call that a good result!

You will need: a copy of the prayer and a small bag for each child, Skittles sweets, bag ties, stapler.

I put roughly 10-12 skittles into each bag, tied the top of the bag and then stapled the prayer to the front.

Click here to print off a sheet of prayers.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

School Prayer Space with Printable Prayer Station Instructions

Last week was a busy but amazing week! I spent most of it in our local primary school in the prayer space we had created with some inspiration from Prayer Spaces in Schools. We were given a classroom for a week and turned it from this...

To this...

Each class spent at least one session in the room and lunchtimes, when children could make their own way there, were very busy! We had some amazing conversations about life, death, families, worries and everything in between. Here are some of the things we got up to...

Unfolding Hopes and Dreams Water Prayers

Play dough thank you prayers

Whiteboard worry prayers

Bringing light: How can I help to make the world a better place?

Saying sorry sand prayers- drawing things to say sorry for in the sand and then smoothing it over as a sign of God's forgiveness

Cardboard box prayers for people who have no homes

Pipe cleaner people thank you prayers

Prayers for the world (post it notes on a world map shower curtain!)

Sensory reflection prayers

 Marble labyrinths
 Mermaid fabric sequin cushions

 Reflection bottles

Plasma ball

Questions for God

 Click here to print the prayer station instructions we used for each activity.