Thursday, 26 January 2012

God in crèche: My favourite song for Easter

God in crèche: My favourite song for Easter

By Catherine Ward

Having decided with Mina that crèche would look at Jesus between Christmas and Easter I have been wondering how we present a message about Easter in our under threes’ group. How do we present something which is honest, biblically sound and yet at a level that the children can really connect with? I suspect, indeed hope, that most of our under threes don’t yet have clear ideas of what death, sacrifice, humiliation and torture are, but that is what Christ went through for our freedom. Flicking through a very old song book at my mum and dad’s house I came upon the perfect song to introduce to our children at Easter ‘Jesus’ love is very wonderful’. Simple and repetitive for our youngest children and yet expressing in the simplest language the unintelligible mercy of God. Jesus’ love is very wonderful. 

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