Thursday, 19 January 2012

Paper people

Cut out individual paper people.  Children choose someone in their family or amongst their friends that they would like God to bless and then either write that person's name or draw their face onto a paper person.  These people can then be pegged to a line or blutacked to a board as the children ask God to bless them, simply saying 'God bless...', or praying quietly in their head if they prefer.  If the line or board is kept up, each time the children look at it, they can remember that person and say thank you to God for them. Over time, stories might emerge about how God has worked in that person's life!

When we tried this this week it worked well, but some children took delight in putting a pin through their person's head (as some are bound to do!!)  Blu tack is probably a better bet!

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