Friday, 20 January 2012

Prayer consequences

There are many versions of this out there and this is one I've used with our children.  It's amazing what they write and when we read the prayers out at the end, somehow everything hangs together beautifully!

1.    Give everyone a sheet of paper and a pen
2.    Tell children the starting words for each line.  They write the starting words, then finish the line themselves. 
3.    Fold over the page so that the writing is hidden and pass to the next person.
4.    Continue until the prayers are written!

  1. Dear … (address to God e.g Father, Lord Jesus, Almighty creator)
  2. You are …
  3. Thank you for…
  4. You have…
  5. Help me/ us
  6. I will…
  7. Amen

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