Monday, 30 January 2012

Prodigal Son Messy Church crafts

Yesterday we had a buzzing Messy Church at our grand opening of the reordered building.  Our theme was 'The Prodigal Son' and these are the crafts we used to explore the story...

Money bags made of felt squares, elastic bands and ribbons

Sandals with stiff cardboard soles and string straps

Jewellery made from threading cheerios onto strawberry laces

Dressing up in 'robes'

Family photo frames made of lolly sticks, stickers and card squares

Pig biscuits: digestives, pink icing, pink fondant, chocolate chips, mini smarties, pink candy melts

The Father's house made of cardboard, brown tape, imagination adults and children.  The most house- like structure we've ever built!!!

We also had 'Pigswill' gunge made of cornflour and water, which was a great hit with the younger children especially!

All of these crafts were then mentioned in the story during our celebration section, so that the children (and adults!) could see how they fitted into the story!


  1. What did you let the kids do with the pigswill gunge? That sounds amazing!

    1. They just played with their hands, some spoons, some funnels and some bowls :-)