Friday, 17 February 2012

Holiday Club Junk Box

This week we've had a fantastic holiday club!

We have been using the 'On Your Marks' Scripture Union material and it was brilliant.  The children really understood the concept of being able to join Jesus' team and it made the whole message much easier to convey.  There was much sporting activity and running around, plus challenges and several bowls of rice pudding in leaders faces!

On the last day, we abandoned the planned craft activity (making a boat) in order to experiment, as we have been doing at church, with letting the children explore their own response to what they'd heard.  Bearing in mind that 4/5 of the children were not from either of our churches, we were a bit worried about how it might go, but, as usual, the children really rose to the challenge of open ended response and it was fascinating to see what had stuck out to them.

We had covered the stories of the calling of the disciples, Bartimaus, the transfiguration and Jesus walking on the water.  Here is a sample of what the children came up with in response:

Jesus walking on the water (disciples in the boat)

The Transfiguration

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