Wednesday 1 February 2012

Pray at Home Bag for under 5s

Here is the first 'pray at home' bag we've put together for the Under 5s and their parents.  Within the next week or so it will be available for families to borrow for a week before returning it to church.

Into a large gold gift bag we have put:
Smiley and sad faces on paper plates, duplo bricks, playdough pots, bubbles, balloons, prayer grab bag, birthday cake candles, God Venture cards and a Lion storyteller Bible.  Most of these things were found at the pound shop, so putting it together was not expensive!

Inside the bag will also be instructions on how to use each item to pray with children.

Prayer Grab Bag
Shake the tin, close your eyes and pull a card out.
Homes- say thank you for your house
School- ask God to bless a teacher or thank Him for your favourite thing at school
Friends- thank God for a friend
Thank You- Say thank you for something of your choice!
Family- ask God to bless someone in your family
Food- thank God for your Favourite food
Healing- ask God to make someone better
I’m sorry- say sorry to God for something you wish you hadn’t done.

Lego Thank You Tower
Build a lego tower.  Each person who adds a block has to say thank you for something God has given them.

Bubble prayers
Blow some bubbles.  Say thank you to God for something or ask him to help someone.  Pop a bubble for each thing you pray.
If you feel worried about something, tell God about it and watch the bubbles float away or pop them to show that you have given that worry to God.

Playdough prayers
Shape the playdough into something you’d like to thank God for- especially something in creation.

Happy and sad faces.
Use the sad face to tell God about the things that make you sad.  Ask him to help you.
Use the happy face to tell God about the things that make you happy.  Say Thank you to Him

Balloon prayers. 
Blow up 3 balloons and write or draw on them things you want to say Thank You to God for.  Play some music and bat the balloons around.  When the music stops say ‘thank you God!’.  Start again!

Candle Prayers. 
Stick the birthday candles into something firm such as an orange.  Light the candles.  Give a blow.  Count how many candles are still burning.  Thank God for that many things!
Light a candle for each person in your family.  Say their names and ask God to bless them.  Blow out the candles!

If it works out we'll get more bags out.  Feedback very welcome!!


  1. inspired, fantastic, wonderful.

    1. Glad you like it! We gave the first one out today and will see how it goes!

  2. Great website, I am so inspired. Can you please give me some more info about the Prayer Grab Bag? Thanks

    1. Hi Katherine!

      I got the idea from a reward system taught on a parenting course where, when they have earned a reward children can pick something out of a 'grab bag' which will say what the reward is. There's always an element of not knowing what you're going to get!

      There's a longer post just about the prayer grab bag here

      where you can download a printable version of the cards. If you can't get that link then the post is from January if you check the index!

      Mina x

    2. I love this idea! What a great teaching tool!

  3. Going to try these with my pre school class these year,My thing for these year is prayer.