Thursday, 9 February 2012

Story at home bags- The Prodigal Son

We used the Jonah story bag today at Tots and it was great!  The Children especially loved the inflatable dolphin and the feel of the shells and the sand!  They really enjoyed playing with the items after the story and the baby we had with us made off with the shiny fabric!

The Next bag we are getting ready to go is the 'Prodigal Son' bag.

Into the gift bag, we have put happy and sad face paper plates, a red/ brown cloth, 3 play mobil men, 3 toy pigs, some gold and silver card coins, some money bags (made at Messy Church!), a toy tractor, some party horns, heart post it notes so we can talk about God's love and the story book.  Once we've labelled everything, it should be good to go!

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