Friday, 9 March 2012

Easter Story Creative Prayer 4- Crucifixion

You will need:  Nails, a piece of wood or a simple cross made of wood, felt tip pens, a hammer

Let the children carefully feel the nails and touch the wood so that they get a sensory experience of what you are talking about.  If you wish, hammer some of the nails into the wood so that they can add the sound experience.  Talk them through the prayer station below.

Feel the hard wood and the cold, sharp nails. How would you have felt if you had seen Jesus being nailed to the cross?
Christians believe that Jesus died so that we could be forgiven for the things we have done wrong.
Have you done something that you are sorry for?
Tell God silently in your head. If you would like to, write your name on the cross to show that you have said sorry.

This station remind me of the 'Sorry Cross' we sometimes use as a Sunday morning prayer station.  This is a large cross covered in paper that the children write on to tell God the things they are sorry for.  We introduced it at the end of a lesson on forgiveness and now, as the children know how to use it, we bring it out as one of the stations they can choose.  It always interests me that children, when given the opportunity, will sometimes volunteer to say sorry!

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