Monday, 26 March 2012

The Man through the roof in creche!

This term in creche we are telling stories about Jesus.  We don't do anything incredibly formal but we do sit down for 5 minutes while we eat a snack and as we do so, we tell the children a story.  We try to base some of the activities we have on offer loosely around the theme of the story.  This is what we did this week...

Our story was about the man who is lowered through the roof and is healed by Jesus.

Tins with lids to take off and put on (taking off the roof!)

Boxes with lids to scoop up and play with rice and lentils

Mega blocks top build with..

...or to put in the tins!

A selection of mats, sleeping bag, blankets and cushions

bandages and a toy doctor's kit
We finished by singing 'Jesus love is very wonderful' and '3 little monkeys jumping on the bed' because the children love this song and now that Jesus had healed him, the man was able to jump up and down too!

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