Thursday, 15 March 2012

Palm Sunday Praise!

We did a session on Palm Sunday at our school lunch club today and had a great time!

I wanted to make flags but didn't have any appropriate sticks.  I improvised by folding a paper plate in half and stapling it over the side of some paper to make a 'handle' the children could hold when they waved it.  No one even asked where the sticks were!!

Children decorated the flags as they wished...

We then told the story, acting it out with our hands and shouting 'hosanna' at the tops of our voices!

Next we talked about praise words for God.  We started with the word 'amazing' and asked the children to come up with words that meant the same thing.  They loved this and we soon had a long list- incredible, unbelievable, fantastic, fabulous, wonderful...

We stood in a circle and children chose a word, shouted it and waved their flag.  Then we all together shouted our word 5 times and made a lot of noise for God to hear!

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