Sunday, 22 April 2012

Welcoming 3-5s: The Hello Board

We're trying to build up a sense of belonging to a group amongst the children in Sparks.  As the children come from homes spread right across the city and are not likely to meet up outside of church, we want them to feel welcome and amongst friends when they come to their group on a Sunday morning.  Part of this involves giving them space to play and explore together during the session but another part relies on their physical surroundings.  We want the Sparks room to be a welcoming, friendly place to be!

One thing that has been introduced to help them feel that it is their place is the 'Hello board'.  This is a peg board for name cards.  When children arrive they can find their name card (helped by pictures if they aren't reading yet) and peg it to the board.  We can then use this as a starting point to gather together at the start of the session, see who's here and share the news of the week.  It seems something very simple, but it helps to build a routine and the children really love using the pegs!

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