Wednesday 9 May 2012

Finger labyrinths

 I was thinking about prayer labyrinths the other day and came across finger labyrinths- a portable and very sensory version of the tradition!  I had a go at making one and really found that tracing the path helped me to focus in prayer.  I thought about buying some for the children to use because it might appeal to the more kinaesthetic while they are listening to God in silence but soon realised it was going to be very expensive as we might like to give all of the children a chance to try it at the same time!  The next best thing I could do was make my own.  

I'm afraid they're not as tactile as wooden ones might be, but the sense of following the path on a journey with God is the same!  We tested them out with three of the children at Powersource and one, at least, really seemed to find it useful.  We'll introduce them to the children as a whole in the coming weeks.  As with everything, what appeals to some will not appeal to all, but if they can help just a few children deepen their engagement with God then it's worth it!

A printable version of both labyrinths is available here


  1. These are really lovely! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

  2. I'm just really glad that other people might find them useful... I'm all for sharing ideas!!

  3. Thank you! I love this and have begun to use this in my young K Spiritual Formation class!