Monday, 9 July 2012

Daniel in the lions' den story bag

Here is our next new story bag, which we tested out in Sparks this week!

2 Daniel board books
Lion cuddly toy
finger puppet
sad and happy faces to discuss feelings in the story
lion mask
3 lion sticks and a box 'pit'
Daniel and King stick puppets
Angel figure

We told the story using the bag and then acted out being lions who had our mouths closed by an angel- roaring one minute, then stopping suddenly on a signal.

We asked the children to build dens for the lions...

And then made a paper craft with hearts to remind us that God loved Daniel and saved him from the lions.

We also talked about Daniel being brave and trusting in God to help him.  We talked about times when we were scared and then built a strong tower with the lego to show that God can help to make us strong when we are afraid!