Friday, 13 July 2012

Olympic and Christian values- determination

Yesterday at our final school lunchtime club of the term we took an Olympic theme!

We started by throwing beanbags at targets, giving children several chances to improve on their scores.  This set the scene of determination!

After telling the story of the man through the roof (see the three card story telling method here!), we discussed the determination of the men to get their paralysed friend through the roof to Jesus.  They didn't give up because the house was crowded!  This led to discussion about other things in life that we need to keep going with, even though they are hard work and linked with the Paralympic value of determination.

Children made 'Olympic torches' by sticking lengths of yellow and orange crepe paper to card cones.  They then wrote on the cones the things in life they needed determination for.  Finally we prayed that God would help us to have determination in these areas and waved the torches around to some loud Amens!

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