Saturday 21 July 2012

Olympics Messy Church Story- The call of Matthew (being on Jesus' team!)

In our celebration slot at Olympics Messy church, we focussed on the idea of being on a team and how you could be part of Jesus' team.  This is the story we told and it involves a lot of audience participation!!

Story- The Call of Matthew.

Being on Jesus' team

Matthew was someone that no one really liked! ( Boo!)
He collected tax money from people-  probably the job that people hated most (Boo!)
Nobody wanted to speak to him.  (Boo!)
Jesus came to town one day (hurray!)
He brought his team with him!  (hurray!)
Everybody came out to see Jesus and cheer! (hurray!)
Matthew sat at his desk because he still had a job to do (boo!)
Jesus (hurray!)  walked over to Matthew (boo!)
Watch Jesus tell him off the people said (hurray)
"Come and be on my team!" Jesus said (WHAT?)
"WHAT?" Said all the people
"But everyone on your team has to be amazingly and brilliantly good at being perfect.  You must have it wrong.  He’s not good enough to be on your team Jesus!"
But Matthew got up and joined the team.
"WHAT?" Said all the people
"But he’s a tax collector" (boo!)
But Jesus smiled because his team was not just any team.  You didn’t have to be rich or famous or strong or fast or even perfect to be on his team.  You just had to want to join. 
"Join me", said Jesus
"WHAT?" The people said, "HURRAY!"

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