Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Responding to the story of the Lost Sheep

We've been having a go this week at responding to a story with the new box of colours and items!  See here for contents.

We were looking at 'The Lost Sheep' story with our 5-11s.  We read the story from the Bible and discussed what it might mean. Then the children were given the freedom to choose a colour and items from the box to illustrate their response: how the story made them feel, what it meant to them, questions they had, things they liked or didn't like etc.  They were able to explain what they had done or not to share, depending on how they felt.  It was amazing how quiet they kept to listen to others explaining their pictures when normally it's hard to keep them focussed while others are talking!  Here are some of their pictures...

The shepherd looking for the lost sheep

The sheep pen and the shepherd's love for the sheep

Mirrors representing the 99 sheep and a lone mirror for the lost sheep and a heart for the shepherd's love

The collected sheep and a cross to show that this child thinks that Jesus is the shepherd

The shepherd's love for the sheep inside the pen and the lost sheep (outside the pen)

The shepherd's love for the lost sheep

The lost sheep!

God loves the sheep inside the pen (bangle) and equally loves the lost sheep.  The shell represents the lost sheep being held in God's hand.

God's love for all the sheep

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