Sunday, 19 August 2012

Jesus turns water into wine

As part of our summer Sunday sessions looking at meals Jesus had in the Bible, we looked at the story of Jesus turning water into wine.  Here's what we did...

Starting game: red and blue memory game

You will need a collection of cards, half of which are blue and half of which are red and all of which have the same colour backs.  I did this by sticking blue card to white card and red card to white card and then cutting them up.  Lay them out colour side down.  Children take it in turns to turn over 2 cards, hoping to make a matching colour pair.  This is great because we had 3 year olds and 11 year olds playing the same game with no problems!


To tell the story we used a Foo Can (an illusion widely available- I got mine from Amazon).  I have a collection of illusions for various occasions and this one fitted the story really well!  Without giving away the secret it means that with, some prior preparation, you can pour clear water into a seemingly empty can and then pour out red water!  We then went on to discuss how this miracle was an example of Jesus giving good things to the people at the wedding and that led us to think about the good things we have in our lives.


We thanked God for giving us good things, using this prayer activity.

Blessing others

Next we thought of people we knew who we'd like God to bless with good things.  We got some small card boxes.  A mini bag of sweets just about fits into one of them!  

The children decorated the boxes, wrote the name of the person they were going to give it to and put a bag of sweets inside.  Underneath we stuck a sticker that said 'Jesus gives us good things'.  They then took them away to give out to the person they had chosen.


  1. What preparation is needed to the foo can to turn water into wine. I ordered one, but instructions don't say.

  2. Anyone know how you turn the water into wine with the foo can? The instructions just tell how to make it disappear.

    1. From what I remember the food dye goes into the hidden chamber part so you can turn the can upside down to show it is 'empty' then you add the water in front of the audience. When you then empty the can the water should be coloured.