Thursday 23 August 2012

Prayer weaving

Some children like to do something with their hands to help focus them when they are listening to God so here is an idea that combines a repetitive creative focus with space to listen to and think about God.

Cut slits in a paper plate like so...

Now wind wool between the slits so that it ends up making a cross shape with a possible frame around it!

Children can wind the wool slowly as they take time to think about God and what He might be saying to them.  This activity might also lead to discussion about the colourful, intricate nature of God and how He can sometimes feel like somebody we will never fully untangle and understand!

Afterwards, the plate can be used to weave prayers for people and places, either drawn or written on pieces of coloured paper.  Symbolically children will be bringing these prayers to the cross and leaving them caught in God's hands.

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