Sunday, 26 August 2012

Telling the Emmaus story with coloured cards

Next week we will be telling the final story in our series about meals Jesus shared in the Bible.  Here is how we will tell the story visually with coloured cards...

Two of Jesus' followers were on the road, walking to a place called Emmaus.  They were very sad because Jesus had just died.

A man, who they did not recognise, joined them on the road.  He asked them what they were talking about and why they were sad.  They explained to the man what had happened to Jesus.  They told the strange man that some of their women friends believed that Jesus had risen to new life but they didn't know what to believe as they had not seen him themselves.

The man walked with them and obviously knew a lot about God and what the scriptures said (add a gold piece to the 'Jesus' figure).

As they walked along, the man explained to them everything the scriptures said about who Jesus was. The men learned a lot about what God had planned! (add gold pieces to the 'men' figures). The men grew to like the strange man because, when they reached Emmaus, they asked him to stay and eat with them.

The men gathered round the table.  The strange man took some bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it to them.

As soon as the strange man broke the bread, the men recognised that he was Jesus! (turn 'Jesus card over to show a gold back).

As soon as they recognised him, Jesus disappeared and the men were left alone.  They spoke to each other: 'I knew there was something special about him!  Didn't it feel like a fire burning inside us when he was telling us what the scriptures said?' one asked the other.

The men got up right away and hurried back to the disciples so they could tell them that Jesus really was alive and they had seen him!


  1. This is so cool! thanks for the great idea!

  2. This is great and you know I think you rock Mina! When I tell this story, I like to say the two disciples were a man and a woman. Many scholars believe the other person with Cleopas might have been his wife and that's why her name isn't mentioned (because we don't name women in the bible, ugh). Anyway, I usually say it was "Cleopas and another person, let's call her Jessica." or something like that. It wouldn't change the story cards, but would change the words you use with the story.

    1. Great! I'm all for including some women wherever possible!!

  3. Love your blog and we use it most of the time in Eastfield. :) Did this story with a young ten year old today and when I turned the gold glitter side over, HER face shone and it looked like there was burning inside her taking place. She was THRILLED when I gave her the Jesus piece as a bookmark to remind her of lesson. Thanks again for all your hard work over the years and for sharing so freely. x