Monday, 6 August 2012

The Calling of Levi (Luke 5)

Over the summer we are doing scaled down children's work with one group for 3-11s!  It's not an easy task to keep everyone involved but we are having a go!

This week, reflecting what the adults were doing in the main church, we looked at the calling of Levi.  Here's what we did...

Game:  Ball change!

In a bag put 5 red balls, 5 blue balls and 5 yellow balls.  Split children in to two teams- red team and blue team.  Children take it in turns to reach into the bag and pull out a ball.  Red team are looking for red balls, blue team are looking for blue balls.  If children pull out a ball of their colour, they keep it.  If they pull out a ball of the wrong colour, they have to put it back in the bag.  The first team to pull out all 5 balls of their colour is the winner!

Story telling with coloured cards: Click here to go to the post showing how we told the story in a very visual way!

Next we talked about the fact that Jesus loves everyone, even those people who might have done bad things.  He wants everyone to have the chance to follow him, say sorry and have their lives changed.

Prayer- using the coloured cards, we prayed to God to forgive us for the wrong things we'd done during the week.  Click here for full details of the prayer activity.

We then made an optical illusion!  We started with a folded paper with a blank face shape on one side and a blank heart on the other.  

The children then coloured in the heart and put their own face in the oval blank.  We folded the paper over, stuck a straw in the middle and glued the halves together.  When you put the straw between your hands and twizzle it, it looks as though your face is in the heart.  We used this to talk about the fact that Jesus loves us and will forgive us if we say sorry for wrong things we've done.

Finally we ended by fitting together heart jigsaws with a prayer for others on them.  We said the short prayer together and ended with a giant Amen!

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