Thursday, 6 September 2012

God made everything (Genesis 1) for 3-5s

This Sunday in Sparks we will be looking at the story of how God created the world.  As usual, we're going to try and keep things as visual and play based as possible!

Our theme is 'God Made Everything'

To tell the story, we're going to use our creation story mats:

Then we've got a game of guess the animal.  We'll let the children look at the pictures, then choose the animal and ask them to guess which one it is.  When we guess, we'll move like animals and make the appropriate noises!

There are lots of activities the children can then choose from:  

Light and dark sticking picture

People jigsaws 

We've also got animal snap, the toy animals and picture books about animals, nature and space to choose from, as well as giving the children the chance to play with the story mats if they want to.  Our main aim in this time is to let the children play and engage them in conversation as they play to see how they link what they are doing to the story!

As our prayer activity, we're going to thank God for all the things He's made for us.  The children really love using the Magnetic picture thank yous so, for this lesson we're going to do the same but with pictures of nature and animals.  They love taking it in turns to choose and say thank you!

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