Thursday, 27 September 2012

This term's lunchtime club prayer box

As the children tend to trickle into our school lunchtime club depending on when they finish their dinner, we try to have some prayer station activities available to settle them until everyone has arrived. We have no permanent prayer space, so whatever we bring has to be easily portable!  The prayer box has gone through various incarnations!

This term we've settled on 6 activities that fit into a large hessian bag and need minimum tidying!

Magnetic words to make phrases about God (kept in a metal biscuit tin!)

Reflection question ball

 Play dough- shaping it into something they want to thank God for

Laminated A3 maps.  Children ask God to bless a place and stick a little sticker over the place name.

 Pipecleaners- children shape them into a symbol of who or what they want to pray for.

We also have a wallpaper roll we have as a graffiti board where they can write or draw prayers to God.

Depending on the day and the mix of children, different stations prove popular.  Today it was the play dough and the question ball.  

Children attending the club are aged 7-11 so, obviously these are age appropriate activities.  We'll have to think again next term when we have the younger children!

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