Sunday, 7 October 2012

Exploring the fruit of the Spirit using colours and objects

As we are looking at the fruit of the Spirit  this term, I thought it might be interesting to get out the box of colours and objects to see what the children think of it all!

It's always incredibly interesting what the children come up with when we give them the freedom to respond in an individual way and this time was no exception.  

We talked about each fruit of the spirit and what it meant and then I asked each child to choose one of the fruits and to make a picture to symbolise what it meant to them.  We then would have to guess which they had chosen...

Forgive the fuzziness of some of the photos!

 Love- pink was the colour this child chose to reflect this fruit and the person is reflecting love from the mirror heart
 Peace- This child chose shells because they were smooth and not jagged which was a more 'angry' feel.  He also associated love (hearts) with peace and had made a mirror effect because whenever he got angry he found that looking in a mirror helped him to calm down.
 Self control- This child used buttons and colours to represent a process of getting angry, then calming down.  The more buttons and the darker the colour of matchstick, the angrier the person was.  It goes through a process of light/ few, darker/ more, lighter/ fewer as you follow the circles round.
 Kindness- the photo's not great but the idea was really interesting!  Each person has an equal number of shells, stones and buttons because sharing is part of kindness to this child.  Love is also part of kindness for them- kindness stemming from love.  She also wanted to explain that the people were different colours because you should be kind to everyone even if they were different to you in some ways.
Joy- This child chose sparkly bangles and a fluffy ribbon to symbolise things you might wear when going out to a party, which to her was a joyful thing!  She described the mirros as being 'lights' which symbolised how things lit up when you felt joyful.
All of them!  This child was very thoughtful and created a mirror area in the centre of her sheet.  Her idea was that someone could look in the mirror and potentially reflect all of the fruit of the Spirit.  Our faces would help to show what we had!

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