Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fruit of the Spirit: Self Control Spinners

This is a bit out of sequence with the order of the fruit of the Spirit but I've been testing this out today and thought we'd make some prototypes at Powersource tonight!

I've been making prayer stations for the Fruit of the Spirit.  When it got to self control, somehow I couldn't stop thinking about spinning tops that you just have to put your finger on to stop- a bit like God giving us self control to stop us spinning out of control when we get angry or upset.  I thought it would be good to set the tops spinning, think about times when we get angry, stop them and ask God to help us with self control in our lives.  I then saw how to make your own tops and thought we'd have a go instead of buying some!

The original idea is here, but I have adapted it!

You will need: Blank CDs, marbles, permanent markers or paint pens, blu or white tack.

 Decorate the shiny side of the CD with the markers.  Try to show something about your personality in the colours and patterns,
 Turn the CD over.  Stick a blob of white tack over the hole and push the marble into it
 On the other side of the CD, there will be a kind of 'mountain' with part of the marble pushing the white tack through the hole
 Spread the white tack out a little bit and use it to stick a bottle cap on top (this is your handle!)
Spin and stop by putting your finger on the bottle cap.

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