Monday, 26 November 2012

Easy DIY children's nativity costumes

Part of our Nativity themed activities with the 3-5s involves dressing up as characters from the story.  We have quite a selection of home made costumes and this would be something really easy to make at home- especially if you are preparing for the Nativity service!

Here are some easy and quick ideas...

Angels:  A white T shirt with gold net attached to the bottom (can be worn with leggings), a large pillowcase with holes cut for head and arms, tinsel halos, home made angel wings

Shepherds, Mary, Joseph, Innkeeper:
 Tea towels and headbands (5 for £1 from the Pound shop!)
 An oversize/ adult T shirt decorated with marker pen stripes
A length of off cut material with a head hole cut out of the middle (can be worn as a tunic with a belt over trousers and T shirt)

Wise Men:  Any of the above with cloaks made from pillowcases/ lengths of fabric fastened with safety pins or badges, cardboard hats and crowns

And if all else fails dressing gowns are very useful!!

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