Monday, 19 November 2012

Naaman with 3-5s

This Sunday, our 3-5s looked at the story of Naaman in a very interactive way!

First we told the story with some story stones.  We have a reversible stone of a man with a 'spotty' face on one side and no spots on the other side so we used this to show Naaman's leprosy and healing.

 After the story, the children made Naaman stick puppets so they could act out the story (see link here).

We think it is very important for the children to play around the themes of the story and to let them choose what they would like to play with so this time the choices were:

Playing with the story stones,

Playing with brown (river mud!) play dough,

Playing with the doctor's kit (thinking of God as a healer)

There was also a short time to talk about the story and the fact that God heals people.  Children thought about someone who needed to get better and stuck a plaster onto the sheet as a symbol of asking God to help that person get well again.

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