Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Nativity shepherds and angels with 3-5s

We started looking at Christmas with Sparks this Sunday, focusing particularly on the characters of the shepherds and angels...

We read this book (Amazon link here),

searched for pictures of sheep around the room,

made an angel (click here for instruction)

and then we had lots of time to choose and play around the theme and discuss with the children what they had heard...

Shepherd figures and sheep

 Nativity jigsaw

Dressing up and role play as angels and shepherds

Nativity board books and Nativity set

After a time of choosing and play, we talked about the angels telling the shepherds about Jesus and the shepherds running off to find him.  We talked about why is was good to tell other people that God loved them.  Then we used instruments to make a loud joyful noise to celebrate the good news about Jesus being born!

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