Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas poem and prayer!

Having found the M & M Christmas poem on Pinterest this year, we couldn't resist using it at Messy church!  After using pictures to tell the Nativity story, we brought out our giant M&M...

We gave everyone a normal m&m of their own and acted out the poem by turning it round to make an E (for the East), a 3 (wise men), an M (manger) and a W (worship|).  We used the big M&M at the front to demonstrate!  Please check out the link above to see our source for the poem.

We then latched onto the idea of the wise men following the star to find the true meaning of Christmas.  We asked people to think of those who don't really know what Christmas is about and who will be sad, lonely or ill this Christmas.  We then asked God to help us shine like stars to show them the joy of Christmas.  As a symbol of this, people were then invited to come and get a star and lay it out on the chancel steps.  As you can see, one of the children was very vigilant about making sure the stars were in a straight line!

As a take home, we gave each person at Messy church a copy of the M&M poem (see link above) and a few m &ms in a bag.  At least one family told us that they were going to go through the poem together at home that night!

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