Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Nativity Wise Men with 3-5s

This Sunday Sparks looked at the story of the Wise men coming to visit Jesus.  Again we had quite a lot of time for playing around the theme and dressing up was very popular!

We played pass the parcel with pictures of things God gives us in each layer.  As every layer was unwrapped we said thanks to God for that thing  At the centre was a picture of Jesus and a bag of chocolate buttons to share because Jesus is a gift God has given us that we can all share.  We thanked God for giving us Jesus.
 We talked about presents and when we get them.  This led to the idea that Christmas is Jesus' birthday.
 We made Wise men hats with paper plates and shiny paper
 Dressed up as wise men and the star (and shepherds and Mary and angels!)

 Played with the Nativity set

We also played with the baby dolls and everyone enjoyed singing 'Away in a manger'- in fact the children insisted on singing it several times!  It's really great when the children have time to explore the theme of the session through lots of play.  Some play with one thing for the whole period and some play with everything!  It really helps us, as leaders, to engage with the children and to build relationships with them and we also have a great time joining in!

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