Saturday, 19 January 2013

Body of Christ fun!

Today at Powersource, we looked at what it means to be the body of Christ.  As a warm up we played some games...

Build a body relay:

Each team collects body parts of a different colour and sticks them to the background.  The first team to build the whole body and bring it to the leader wins!  (we hadn't told the children what our subject matter was when we played this game so they had to work out what they were making!)

Photo booth pictures:  Use the collection of wigs, glasses and hats to make yourselves a new character!

Hands, feet and mouth race:

Assign roles within each team.  
FEET are the only ones allowed to collect pieces of memory verse from the pile at the far wall.  They cannot speak or touch the pieces once they have been brought to the team base.
MOUTHS are the only people allowed to speak throughout the whole game (but cannot move and must have hands behind their backs- no pointing allowed!)
HANDS are the only people allowed to arrange and stick the parts of the memory verse to the sheet.

The idea is that, like in a relay race, children collect pieces of memory verse one by one, being them to the team base and arrange the verse so it makes sense.  The first team to complete the memory verse is the winner.

This was quite frustrating for some of the children but really illustrated how the parts of the body need to work together!

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