Thursday, 10 January 2013

Getting familiar with the story: The Lost Sheep in Tots!

We had a lot of fun today in Tots with our lost sheep!  We're trying to link the work we do with creche (0-3s), Sparks (3-5s) and Tots (0-3s on Thursdays). With the younger children our main aim is to build familiarity with the stories so, as our story on Sunday will be the lost sheep, we thought we'd bring the story bag along to Tots and see what happened!

As the children are very young we didn't really do anything structured, we just let them go into the bag and play with what they found. At one point we read the story to anyone who wanted to listen and we interacted with their play because they found a lot to do!

We got out our collection of sheep.  The most popular seemed to be the fluffy ones made from a pompom and a bit of card for the face!

 One lucky sheep went for a ride...
 one child insisted on putting a bit of cotton wool on each love heart...
 we had to herd as many sheep as we could into the pen...
then the children started to hide the sheep (and several had to be rescued from behind the sofa!)

It was amazing to see how the children interacted with the story through play and now, the next time they hear it, they will already be familiar with the theme!

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