Monday, 7 January 2013

Growing Like Jesus

This week we'll be looking at the story of Jesus in the temple with our 5-7s group.

It's great to have a story about Jesus as a child so that the children can see that he went through the things they also will be going through to some extent.

After telling and acting out the story and thinking about Jesus as a child, we're going to think about the things we like most about Jesus (from this story or from other stories we know!) e.g. likes learning, is brave, loves God, loves his  parents, helps other people.  We're then going to ask the children to choose the one thing they'd like from that list to grow in their lives so they can be more like Jesus.

Then we'll let the children have their prayer sheets...

 The sheet is folded to show a small figure...

When the sheet is opened up, the figure grows!

Very simply we're going to pray 'help me grow more like Jesus' and they can colour in the first section of the larger figure on the sheet.  They can take the sheet home with them and, every day for the next week, pray the prayer and colour in another section of the figure!

As you've probably worked out, the sheet is double-sided.  For a printable version click here.

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