Thursday, 24 January 2013

Prayer challenge card for 8-11s

At Powersource on Saturday we gave out some challenge cards to the children.  As it will be a month until our next meeting we wanted them to think about how they could do some constructive faith related activities in between times!

Here are the challenges we wanted the children to think about doing...

1. Pick up someone else’s litter

2. Make a thank you card or note for someone
3. Thank God for 5 things you can see out of your window
4. Give something away to someone

5. Ask a parent what they would like you to pray for them- and pray for it!
6. Sit or lie down quietly and listen to God for a few minutes.  What does he say or show you?

On each card there are 4 columns of tickboxes for (one for each week until we next meet again.  We don't expect the children to do all of the challenges every week, but are encouraging them to do at least 3 a week!

Click here for a printable version of the card!

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