Tuesday 5 February 2013

God loves me stained glass windows

This week one of our focus stories is the Prodigal Son.  The main point we want to get across is that God loves us and wants to be involved in our lives.  This is a craft we will be doing with our 3-5s group on Sunday and also with the 5-7s group at our school lunchtime club.  It takes a bit of preparing but looks good!

Cut a heart shape from the centre of a piece of paper (we used A5 size).  Don't throw the hearts away as you can use them for cards later!

 Write "God loves me" on the paper.

 Stick a sheet of sticky back plastic over the top of the side with writing on it.

 Turn the sheet over and stick little pieces of tissue paper onto the sticky side of the heart shape.

When finished, stick to a window so that the sun can shine through it!

Children will probably choose their favourite colours to decorate the heart, so this is a good opportunity to talk about how people are all different but God loves us all!

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