Saturday 16 February 2013

Heaven collage

Today our Powersource session was based on the Lord's prayer and we used a lot of creativity to explore the ideas contained within it!  This is what we did to explore the idea of heaven, using a quote from Revelation- "I am making all things new!" 

We Printed and enlarged the above picture so that it filled 2 A3 size sheets.  We stuck the sheets together so that the collage was a single sheet (our photocopier won't do anything bigger than A3!).  We then made a second copy of what we'd done and cut it into twelve pieces, with little initials indicating what colours each section of the picture should be filled with.  We then gave each child a piece and let them get on with it!  

We had lots of different scrapbook papers and children had to tear and stick.  No scissors allowed!  They were engrossed, which I wasn't expecting and they really worked well to help each other out and share colours.

Next, as children finished their squares, we arranged them on the base copy we had made orignally.  When all had been arranged we stuck them down!

 The final version with letters outlined...
The project took about 40 minutes and the children loved it.  It was great to be able to have some conversations at a relaxed pace too!

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