Thursday, 21 February 2013

Shining a light lighthouses!

Today at holiday club, one of our messages was about shining a light in the world,helping people to find out about Jesus and brightening their lives in some way.  We made a really easy craft to remember to be a lighthouse to others (we had a pirate theme to holiday club so the sea analogy really fitted!) and the children (and the adult helpers!) were thrilled by them.  The link for the original idea that we adapted can be found here.

You need: a polystyrene cup, a clear plastic cup, pens to decorate with, a battery operated tea light and some small blobs of blue tack.

1.  Decorate the polystyrene cup with the pens
2. stick the tea light to the top of the cup with a blob of blue tack.
3.  Put the clear plastic cup over the top and secure with another small blob of blue tack

Blue tack is used so that it's easy to lift off the top cup and the tea light to switch the light on and off, but everything will generally stay in place when the light is on!  Unfortunately, it's not easy to get the tea light on and off unless you dismantle and reassemble.  The children really didn't see this as a major problem though!

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