Monday 11 February 2013

Your Kingdom Come: Orb craft and prayer

This week our Powersource session will focus on The Lord's Prayer.  We'll split the prayer into various sections (more of this in following posts!) to explore its meaning more fully.  Here is what we will do when looking at the part where we say: "Your Kingdom come..."

At coronation, one of the items the queen or king (at least in this country!) holds is the orb. representing Christian sovereignty (this is according to the official website of the British Monarchy, so I think they know what they are saying!).  To me it looks very much like a globe topped by a cross, which is of course, very symbolic of Christ's kingdom being over the whole world, and that is what we are praying for with those words!  So...

To make your orb you will need a styrofoam ball (we sprayed painted a whole load of them silver and that was not easy!  Next time we'll probably just paint, not spray!), two lolly sticks, a pipe cleaner, some stick on jewels, small stickers.

First wrap the pipe cleaner round the sticks so that they hold a cross shape.
 Make a hole in the top of the ball with some scissors or a knife (just pushing the sticks in without a hole being made first doesn't work too well).

Decorate the sticks with the jewels.
When the orbs are complete, get the children to think about how we would know God's kingdom was on earth.  What would happen?  What would it be like?  Get them to write something representative of God's kingdom on a sticker so that they can then stick it to the orb as a reminder to pray for that thing.

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  1. This is perfect for my home school session with my kids today! We're learning K is for King (they're 2 and three so we're just doing fun and light hearted pre-school stuff) and I want to emphasize the incredible King that Jesus is, while reveling in our identity as children of the King. This is a lovely idea to help us connect with that truth.