Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Easter Story Bag

Here is the latest story bag for our collection.  We're going to use it on Sunday as part of the introduction to Easter for our 3-5 year olds and, after that, parents will be able to borrow it and take it home.

Here 's what we've put inside...

  • Easter Story book
  • Palm Sunday:  Card palm leaves to wave, palm crosses, a peg leg donkey and a Jesus on a donkey spinner.  If you want to use our Palm Sunday spinner, click here.
  • Last Supper: plastic goblet and bread
  • Good Friday:  Three crosses, a playmobil figure, a 'cave' (upside down biodegradable plant pot with a door cut out!), a stone and (if you want a bit of reflection) a battery operated tea light.  We've also added some foam hearts so you can talk about Jesus' love for us.
  • Easter day: Plastic Easter eggs, streamers to wave in celebration!

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