Thursday, 18 April 2013

Held in God's hands prayer activity

Kylé and I found this idea on Pinterest a while ago and it's progressed from simple craft idea to prayer activity!  The original seems to come from this Bulgarian website that has loads of great children's craft ideas (and Google translate helps to understand it!) Thanks to Kylé for this idea.

We often talk about 'putting things into God's hands' and this is a really visual way of doing it!

 Fold a piece of paper in half and draw round your hand (index finger and thumb right up against the fold).
Cut the hand out and open out.  It should look like the picture below!

The heart shape made by the join of the finger and thumb is great because it helps us to talk about God's love for us.  We can then talk about putting people or worries into God's hands and trusting that He will look after them for us because He loves us and He loves them.  Children can write the names or draw the people or the worries they want God to take into his hands and then pin the hands somewhere they can see them!
This would work well when talking about worry, love, trusting God or praying for others.

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