Friday, 12 April 2013

More ideas for teaching the Beatitudes (including a prayer response!)

Having sorted out the language I want to use to explain the Beatitudes (click here to go the Beatitudes cards), I've now got around to sorting out some more ideas for Sunday.

To link with the cards for each saying, I've got some props.  They don't exactly match the cards, but close enough!

  • An inflatable swimming ring to symbolise relying on God's help (poor in spirit)
  • A comforting cuddly toy (mourning)
  • A gift bag (humble- people who think of others before themselves etc)
  • Scales (made of a coat hanger and yoghurt pots as I didn't have the real thing! (righteousness and justice)
  • Cross (mercy and forgiveness)
  • Heart (pure in heart)
  • Dove (peacemakers)
  • Rope (persecuted)
I've made some more cards for a prayer activity to get the children thinking about how they can live more in the spirit of the Beatitudes.  

After some time thinking and listening to God, the children can choose one of the cards and hang it onto a 'tree' constructed of twigs in a jar.  They can then ask God to help them grow in this area.  Thanks to 'The secret of happiness' lesson at Urban Saints Energize for some of the ideas for these prayer cards.

For a printable version of the cards click here.


  1. Thank you - this has been really useful in preparing a worship session based on the beatitudes for school children.

  2. I absolutely love your website. As a visual learner myself, the object ideas that you have for lessons and activities totally appeal to me. When I have used ideas from your website, the kids have also loved them.