Monday, 22 April 2013

Pentecost tab pull craft- see the flames appear!

This seems like quite a complicated craft, but it's worth it, even if it's just used by the leader as a storytelling aid!  I've tried to show step by step what to do...  It's probably best to stick all of the pieces onto card to start off with as this will make it more sturdy- either that or print onto card! If you do this, you will still need the A5 piece of card (see instructions)
 Print off the sheet with all the sections on it...
 Cut all the sections out (including the blank middle 'window' on the main section).
 Get a piece of A5 sized card and trim it to fit the width of the flames section.  Stick the flames section to the top of the card.
 Fold the main section along the fold line and fit the fold over the top of the card.  Glue the back section down.
 Place the tab section over the flames... (don't stick it down!)
 Fold the top of the main section over the card and stick it down, leaving room around the 'window' for the tab to be pulled backwards and forwards.  Draw 'wind' shapes on the tab (in the Bible it only talks about the sound of a wind, but I'm using some artistic license!)
Pull the tab to reveal the flames above the disciples' heads!

To print out the sheet, click here.

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