Sunday, 14 April 2013

Responding to the Beatitudes with junk box modelling!

Today our 5-11s explored the beatitudes.  Click here for our beatitudes resources!

After exploring each statement,

we gave the children access to the junk box!  In the box there's a random selection of plastic cups, card, paper, foil, lolly sticks and just about anything we could get our hands on and cram in!  The children used anything they wanted to make something that reflected an element of what they's learned.  Leaders were on hand to help but the children had no problems coming up with their own ideas!
Here's what they came up with...
 Chains to represent the persecuted people God would care for
 Scales to represent those who seek righteousness
 A dove's head (he didn't manage to make the whole bird in the time allowed!) to represent the peacemakers.
 A shining cross because 'when we forgive people it's like God's light shining out, like Jesus on the cross'
 A shining heart for when we think about what God wants
(on the other side) a red heart for when we don't think about what God wants
 God patting a man on the back to comfort him when he has fallen over (a 5 year old's interpretation of God comforting those who mourn)

 A full cup and a shining cup only half full to represent God blessing the humble.
a decorated cross to represent God blessing those who forgive.

It's amazing what the children come up with when we give them the freedom to express!

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