Monday, 10 June 2013

Changes assembly: God can help us!

Here's what we did in our SEALs assembly about change today...

We wanted to focus on the idea that, when we are going through changes, God will help us to do things we couldn't do by ourselves.  With Him we can do more than we ever imagined possible!

Game: Two teams of two children are needed.  At one end of the hall put person A from each team and at the other end, put person B.  Give person A a flame shape cut out from paper and a straw.  Give person B some glue and the outline of a person's head and shoulders.  Person A is not allowed to touch the flame with their hands and person B is not allowed to move their feet.  Have a race with person A blowing the flame across the floor to person B who then has to pick it up and stick it to the head of the outline shape.  The winners are the first team to stick the flame down.  The point of the game is that neither person could complete the task by themselves- they needed help!

Story: We acted out the story of Pentecost, with all of the children making wind noises, making flame signs above their heads and then speaking in different languages (the number of other languages spoken by children at this school is amazing!).  Some children even got to wear our flame headdresses!
We used the story to talk about God helping us at times of change.  Jesus had gone back to heaven and the disciples were wondering what would happen next, but God sent the Holy Spirit and did not leave the disciples alone!  The Holy Spirit helped them to do things they wouldn't have thought possible before, such as speaking in different languages and Peter talking to a huge crowd.  When we are worried at times of change, God does not leave us alone and His power can help and can even change us!
To finish, we used the illustration of a popcorn maker, showing how the heat helped to transform the hard kernels into something we'd like to eat.  Without the heat nothing would have happened.  Likewise we can ask God to help us and His power can help us to do more than we ever could alone- something useful to remember when we are facing changes in our lives! 

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