Monday, 3 June 2013

Lord's Prayer Cards

We love playing and using very visual ways of teaching so, as part of our lesson on the Lord's Prayer yesterday with our 3-5s, we played a matching game with some special cards.  
I had printed off the sheet below and coloured it in, colour photocopied it 3 times (saving a lot of time and colouring effort!), then laminated and cut the cards out.  The symbols on the cards tie together with the items we had in the 'story bag' for the prayer that we were also using in that session- click here to see the contents of the bag.

Click here to print a copy of the cards.

We sent the sheet home with the children so that they could colour in and make their own cards.  Hopefully the symbols will help them to remember the content of the different parts of the prayer!  

For ideas for teaching the Lord's prayer to older children click here

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